Uncharted Review

A Thief’s End is a PS4 video game developed by Naughty Dog studios in conjunction with Sony. It follows through the Adventures of Nathan Drake 3 years after the culmination of Uncharted 3. He has left behind the pursuits of fortune hunting, but it doesn’t take long before adventure comes knocking his way again when Nathan’s brother, Sam, asks for assistance in saving himself from danger. An offer which Drake easily agrees to.

While hunting for Captain Henry Avery’s hidden treasure, both Sam and Drake take on a journey to discover Libertalia. A pirate utopia found deep in the jungles of Madagascar. The game takes players in a voyage across the globe, through jungle isles such as this one to urban cities and snowcapped mountains in search for Avery’s lost fortune.

Those who’ve already played it say the game is in a unique class of its own, Unchartered 4 celebrates the past, present and future of this gaming series in a clever way with thrilling set-pieces. All guaranteed to surpass the player’s expectations and experience. The theme is an absolute treasure combining action and storyline in a beautiful format that capture’s the individual’s attention. It also goes to show that Nathan Drake is indeed one of the most dynamic video game personalities of all time.

Unlocking platinum trophy

Earning a trophy in Unchartered 4 rewards gamers not only with the personal satisfaction of having a Platinum Trophy, but also a couple of small gifts from Sony. The company sends special emails to those who manage to reach Platinum level, congratulating them on their achievement with artwork sourced from the game’s collector’s version. However, earning a Platinum isn’t quite easy as there are certain requirements one needs to fulfill. For instance, one must finish their game in less than 6 hours and on the highest difficulty level possible known as Crushing. It’s also a must to discover every concealed treasure in your quest.

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